A monstrously adorable puppet show dances in Highland Park – NBC Los Angeles

What there is to know

  • Bob Baker Marionette Theater (select dates through November 6)
  • The “boo-sical review” comes from the sweeter side of the Halloween season
  • $20; children “aged 2 and under who will be seated on laps are FREE!”

Finding the Halloween spirit with a few strings attached?

True Story: It’s not that uncommon to find various stringy things that add ambiance to fall holidays.

Think popular holiday caramel candies, the kind of gooey confections that produce a few sticky strings when you bite down and pull the candy out.

See ropes on porches and patios? You could, if the house has been decorated with some kind of paper monsters that flutter in the wind, their invisible strings keeping them attached to the eaves or rafters of a house.

And on York Boulevard, in a place full of character that has seen plenty of great entertainment over the decades? The strings are at the center of the party of sweet and tasteless fun, thanks to the party-ready puppet troupe.

We talk about the Bob Baker Puppet Theater, of course, that decades-old delicacy that generations of Angelenos have come to adore. And every October, and often at the end of September too, the ultra-cute company celebrates the busiest time of the year with a revue full of pep, puppets, and fun chills and chills in the fall.

Of course the “Hallowe’en Spooktacular” is not too cold; it is, after all, a show that very young children can enjoy, as they sit “crisscrossed with applesauce” on the theater floor.

But it does contain some of the fun and spooky figures associated with the spooky season, including Frankenstein’s monster, witches, and the occasional glow-in-the-dark skeleton.

A ticket for the show, which is now open and running on select dates until November 6, 2022?

It’s $20 and kids 2 and under are admitted free (if they’ll be seated on laps throughout the show, take note).

The upbeat vignettes are full of liveliness and joy, and the puppets will be plentiful: there are more than 100 to admire (and, as is tradition in this nostalgic theatre, the puppets dance to some of the children seated on the closer to the performance space, another distinctive sign of this joyful place).

Masks are mandatory – you’ll want to find out about the requirements before buying your ticket – and shows are available in the afternoons and evenings.