“Exodus of doctors from NEIGRIHMS”

Deputy Solicitor General Nitesh Mozika told the Meghalaya High Court that NEIGRIHMS which is the state’s leading medical establishment is witnessing an exodus of medical personnel to the newly established Indian Institutes of Medical Sciences including at Guwahati.

Mozika made the presentation during a PIL hearing before the High Court Divisional Bench today regarding shortcomings in the state’s healthcare system.

During the hearing, some reasons were given why Shillong might not be an attractive long-term proposition for medical specialists.

The court, however, said that it is inconceivable to say that doctors are paid more in other institutes since the salary and benefits would be almost the same in all comparable institutes.

“There is a need for the State to address the reasons for the alarming level of attrition at NEIGRIHMS and take corrective action so that the institution survives not only in its brick and mortar but also in the service for which it is intended” , the High Court said.

During today’s hearing, a report was filed in court by the state through the Department of Health and Family Welfare.

“Although the report speaks of several steps taken by the state in the recent past to improve health care facilities, particularly at the local level, much more needs to be done,” the court said.

“While it is appreciated that some steps have been taken by the state to increase health facilities and address the needs, especially of people living in remote areas of the state, there is still much to be done,” added the court. .

The High Court has expressed concern that 75 years after independence and 50 years after the birth of Meghalaya, there is no medical college in the state or a super specialty hospital for patients with cancer, although the incidence of oral cancer in the state is the highest in the country.

The case will be heard on October 18 when the court reopens.