Highland Council donates surplus math sets to Blythswood Care for its education program to transform children’s futures in some of the poorest parts of the world

Highland Council Headquarters.

Highland Council Chairman Bill Lobban and Education Committee Chairman donated to Blythswood Care on behalf of the local authority to help children abroad learn math.

The donation of a stock of math sets in excess of the board’s needs was sent to Blythswood Care for their education program to “transform the future”.

Blythswood Care is dedicated to sustainable education and social protection projects, helping disadvantaged children and young people to realize their potential in some of the poorest regions of the world.

Councilor Lobban said: “I identified the stockpile of unused math sets that had previously been used as gifts and prizes for schoolchildren but were no longer being used. I felt they could be better used.

“After discussion with Cllr Finlayson, we agreed to donate the math kits to charity. I am very happy that the Blythswood Overseas Education Program can now use the donation and I am delighted that it is making a difference in the education of many young people.

Cllr Finlayson added: “As Highland students now have digital access for their education, we have offered math kits to young people abroad to support them in their learning.

“In poorer communities where children have little or no access to educational facilities, we hope that these simple math sets will make a big difference in the hands-on learning of many children. “

Blythswood Project Manager Finlay Mackenzie said: “We really appreciate the advisers who lead the math sets to Blythswood.

“They will be useful in our after-school programs which give some of Europe’s poorest children the help they need to stay in school.”

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