Highland councilors agree to introduce new 20mph zones in Inverness

More 20mph zones could be introduced across Inverness.

A motion calling on Highland Council to work to establish 20mph zones in all residential areas of Inverness has been approved by councillors.

The proposal was put forward by SNP members Ken Gowans, Glynis Campbell-Sinclair and Ian Brown, but amended by councilors Carolyn Caddick and Duncan Macpherson at the Inverness City Committee.

The three SNP councilors had wanted the committee to recognize the heightened risks to pedestrians and cyclists – an apparent reference to recent controversial changes to the traffic laws – and to make all existing and new housing developments safer with the introduction of 20 mph zones.

They said that amid increased active travel, children and parents taking safer routes to schools and the council’s policy of promoting 20-minute communities “will increase the instances where motorized vehicles come into conflict with those engaged in all forms of active travel.

They wanted the 20mph speed limits in existing housing estates and all new housing developments to be a measure “aimed at making our communities better, safer and more sustainable places to live”.

The motion stated: ‘This committee recognizes that increasing active travel, as well as children and parents using safe routes to schools, and this council’s policy of developing 20-minute communities, will increase instances where the motorized vehicles will come into conflict with the persons engaged. in all forms of active travel.

“In addition, this committee also recognizes the increased risks that may be associated with recent changes to pedestrian and cyclist priorities.

“The Inverness City Area Committee supports the implementation of 20mph speed limits in existing and new housing estates to make our communities better, safer and more sustainable places to live.”

Changes to traffic laws in the city have traditionally been fraught with controversy and difficulties in issuing traffic orders which prove costly and time consuming despite the support of most councillors.

These concerns were captured by Cllr Caddick and supported by Cllr Macpherson who tabled an amendment.

Adding to the SNP motion, they added: ‘Further, the committee asks that Highland Council continue to do their best to work with Transport Scotland to ensure the timely delivery of the next national 20mph policy and that appropriate funding is provided to achieve the delivery and implementation of 8pm Limits in our communities.

This was accepted by the committee.

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