Highland High School takes steps to prepare seniors for post-graduation

LEWIS COUNTY, Mo (WGEM) — Deciding what to do after high school is a tough decision for students to make.

School officials at Highland High School have already made changes this year to better prepare seniors for their next steps.

The school applied for a grant from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and was able to hire a counselor who focuses on student career development. Highland has never had such a position before.

“I help seniors find their way after school,” said Highland High School’s grounded director of education, Tiffany Scifres. “My goal is to get them into the job market, into careers, into college, into technical schools, into the military, whatever they want. I arrange this for them and get them out of here spending as little money as possible.

The $75,000 grant allows the school to maintain the position for 2 years.

“Having that person to build relationships with our students, to help them understand what their goals are, and then to put plans in place for those students to achieve and achieve those goals,” said County Superintendent C-1 Lewis, John French. “I’m just super excited that we have this opportunity.”

Since the school is in a rural area, French said it was especially important to have this career counselor.

“I think it’s important in rural schools just because of how many hats everyone has to wear because you’re in a small community and you don’t have as many employees,” French said.

Highland seniors are required to meet with Ms. Scifres throughout the school year.

French hopes it will become a mandatory requirement of the state that would allow them to keep that position filled.

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