Highland Park shooting shows why gun control is senseless


The Highland Park Massacre near chicago is the horrifying final chapter of a long and diabolical story. Some want you to believea story about why we need gun control. The truth is that hea story of letting the mad out of asylums – and that suggests that gun control laws, including very publicized Red flag provisions, merely put onyou and never will be work.

Want to evidence? Over the past 50 years, the percentage of households in the United States owning at least one firearm has increased down. Of course you heard: Possession of firearms fall from 43% in 1972 to 42% in 2021. At a timethe average number of deaths from mass shootings increased by 600 percentfrom 8 per year in the 1970s to 51 between 2010 and 2019.

Obviously, guns are nott the problem. So Whatis it really happening?

hereit’s the real story. Ffrom 1960 to 1964, there are has been notnot only one notable mass shooting in the United States. So the benefactors have decided on deinstitutionalizationthat is to say simply release almost all of the mental illness in american company. Jhe American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) led the countrywho finally leads to a key Supreme Court decision prohibition states to lock oneself in aperson who is Not dangerous.

Then, of course, the ACLU decided that virtually every person with mental illness in the country was Not dangerous. Since the 1960s, more than nine out of 10 mentally ill people have been released from asylumswhose capacity fall with nearly 600,000 patients at less than one tenth of that amount.

As we emptied americas asylums for the insane, mentally ill began kill americans Fr mass. The Secret Service has found only a quarter massive killers in 2017 had been hospitalized for psychiatric treatment or prescribed psychiatric medication prior to their attacks, a third were actually psychotic, and nearly two-thirds had mental health symptoms prior to their attack. An In-Depth Study of Mass Killers for a Century found a quarter of the people studied were mentally ill, but after deinstitutionalization, between 2000 and 2015, the proportion Pink at 32 percent. Even people on the left Mother Jones found this among mass shooters, the majority were mentally ill – and many showed signs of it before they began to kill.

Globallya summary massive murder studies reports that in the results we see all the effects of the closing of public psychiatric hospitals and the reduction of community psychiatric services.

Note that wHello these reforms cut short more and more Americans Lives, they or they probably more and more mental patients also lives. The closure of these public psychiatric hospitals not only leads to tombstones murder victimsbut also to Mass roaming which persists to this day. According to a peer-reviewed study, after the all time old peak in vagabonds during the Great Depression, speak 1960s homelessness had decreased to the point that researchers predicted its virtual disappearance. In place, while the asylums emptied, homeless full shelters.

Not only homeless shelters, but also filled prisons. Indeed, deinstitutionalization has reached the transfer of those who should have been confined for their own safety and that of others in prison – after committing a crime, until and including Mass murder. Before the turn of the last centuryseriously mentally ill prisoners represented less than one in 100 of the US prison populationbut this rate a increase 10 times. In particulara out of 10 of all prisoners imprisoned for any homicide now Has severe mental illness.

Which brings us to Highland Park.

You decide: in Illinois, a state that has already a so-called red flag law– who does not havet work-was there rather sufficient evidence that the suspected killer should have been confined for his safety and that of his fellow Americans?

There is ample evidence that the police were aware of the problems in the household before the alleged shooters troubles began. The police were reportedly called toh sound residence at least nine times between 2010 and 2014 in response to alleged domestic disputes, according to police recordsmainly between of the suspect Parents.

There is even more evidence that the suspicious was anything but Not dangerous, to himself or to others. Odon’t alleged shooters friends said she reached out to his father on facebook around 2015 after having says disturbing things about wanting to overdose. The alleged killer would have suicide threat and so called tried to commit suicide various time as soon as 2016. EspeciallyIn April 2019, the suspectattempted suicide with a machete and had a history of attempts committing suicide, according to another police report (pdf). Barely five months later, in September 2019, Highland Park Police Department determined the alleged shooter laid a clear and present danger after supposedly threatening to kill everyone In his family. Yet the ppolice merely deleted a 24 inch samurai sworda dagger and 16 knives of his bedroomand even revenue those to his then father. In the suspiciouss on line activity it appeared obsessed with violent imagery, mass shootings and high profile murderers. His shocking music videos would have included a animation of a gunman killed by the police and another with him in an empty classroom dressed in tactical gear. He would have job beheading video on a bulletin board he frequented it was devoted to death. To finish13 hours before the Highland Park shooting, the suspect raised the 22-year-old Dane who had pulled and killed three people in a shopping center outside Copenhagen That day.

Once again, you say to me: In a house, police officers were well aware had a history of domestic disturbances, there was an individual who police too knew he had a long history of suicidal actions, and that the police also determined posed at one point a clear and present danger to himself and his family—then why, exactly, was he never interned?

The answer is that hardly anyone in America box be more engaged. Police, in general, donyou even try.

ThisIt’s crazy trying to prevent mass shootings by taking sane peopleguns. The problem is those who dismantled the commitment for the mentally ill, as good as those who now refuse to consider rebuilding it—and those who are crazy enough believe the lefts lies about gun control.

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