Highland Trapshooters Junior Team Wins 2022 Grand State Championship Competition


The Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program (AYSSP), sponsored by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, recently held state-level trap shooting competitions in Jacksonville. The Highland Trapshooting Junior Team has certainly made their presence known through AYSSP competitions in 2022. After making a strong impression in regional individual competitions, the resulting five-person final team has moved on to competitive action. State in Jacksonville. They surprised everyone by going all the way and winning the first State Tag Team Championship for the Highland Trapshooters.

At the state level, they faced 64 teams from different parts of the state. Although Highland was a relatively small shooting team compared to some of the other larger and better known groups, they kept their focus, remained steadfast and determined, proving that perseverance pays off and winning the championship.

During their hot dog barbecue celebration, coach Dustin Rogers told team sponsors about the work the members put into their shooting skills throughout the year. They have dedicated members, boys and girls, at junior and senior levels. Each year they start turning at the beginning of the year around February, usually on the weekends, as the school takes up too many daylight hours during the week. They have both beginner and advanced shooters, and their dedication to the sport shows in their attendance and effort during practice.

Rogers explained how the 2022 team has evolved, saying they had so many great shooters it was hard to pick a first team to compete at the state level because they were all so close in ability. “AYSSP is set up to be a team event. The trap is actually an individual event, but for the purposes of this program it is a team event,” Rogers said.

Under AYSSP rules, teams are in multiples of five and rarely have an exact number. “We try never to do it twice to the same child. If they’re stuck in the barrel one year, the next year we make sure they’re on a full team…but they all had good attitudes, they all worked…the good part of this program is that anyone can start,” Rogers said. . At the regional competition

At regional competitions, anyone can shoot. He explained the details of how he is reduced to the last five to compete in the state competition. “They have faced each other six times and have never been beaten.” Rogers concluded, “Of 500 teams that started this, they were the undefeated and undisputed great champions”, which was followed by a round of applause from sponsors, trap shooting enthusiasts and others. Members of the team.

Rogers then explained to everyone on the Highland Trapshooting team the importance of sponsors to the sport. He expressed his deep gratitude to FNBC and Centennial Bank, who donated $500 for the purchase of ammunition. Trident Plumbing provided the jerseys for the team, which is the sole owner of the program supported by Dustin Munroe. Turkey Pen Range owner Mike Orosz provides the team with a place to shoot and hold practice. First Community Bank’s Fred Holzhauer has provided quality trap guns over the years, including expensive high-end trap guns. Rogers added that Holzhauer has helped the team every year with anything they need. State Farm’s Brandon Ryburn donated items for their raffle, as did Canyon Construction, which raised nearly $3,000. Jeremy Lecroix of Rebel Pawn & Gun and Jeremy Roland of Triple R Pawn each donated $200 to support the crew and Mark Martin Chevrolet donated 20 shell pouches to wear while filming. The Munroe family, who are associated with many businesses in the area, have contributed a lot of money over the years to support the team. Additionally, Friends of the National Rifle Association volunteered much of their time to help raffle off guns to raise funds to support the team. For all their help, everyone applauded all the sponsors and donors.

For more information about the Highland Trapshooters, including training and competition for youth and adults, contact Dustin Rogers at 870-710-3300.