King Charles III should abdicate

By Jim Thompson
HCP Columnist

None of the politicians in this country do what I say, so I thought I’d jump overboard and offer some commentary regarding our former oppressors.

A friend of mine asked this question: “What intrigues me is what are the main lessons to be learned from British monarchical history?

My first reaction: “That it’s been largely unimportant since the chopping block went out of fashion.”

However, there is one area of ​​life where the monarchy was able to make a small contribution at times (at least until Elizabeth II). It is an example of morality and everyday decency.

Elizabeth’s children fell at work here, but she never made it. Plus, she’s seen more boring presentations, mostly without falling asleep, than any other human in history.

Take King Charles III’s great-uncle, Edward VIII. He abdicated from the throne in December 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson, a divorced American. The Archbishop of Canterbury, William Lang, had a lot of influence on the abdication, since the British crown is the head of the Church of England. Lang thought it was inappropriate for the Crown to marry a divorced person, like many others at the time.

King Charles III should heed Lang’s advice and for the same reason. Yet last Saturday King Charles III affirmed the independence of the Church of Scotland, fulfilling both his role as head of the Church of England and affirming a position towards the Church of Scotland that dates back at 1690.

We as a society – globally – have seen a sometimes slow, sometimes rapid breakdown in norms and mores over the past hundred years. Queen Elizabeth II did not participate in this decline. She held her ground, and when chaos surrounded the world and the grosser and lower side of humanity appeared, she did not participate. Could the same be said of his children?

Looking back, we have to agree that, overall, we are less civilized than 100 years ago. At the rate we are going with mob rule already the norm in some places, it will become the norm everywhere. Could the King of England be a bulwark against such degradation?

Certainly the ruler of the United Kingdom has little influence over us here in America except through the media. But look what an influence it has been. How many tabloid pages have been printed here, reporting the antics of Queen Elizabeth’s (and her sister’s) children?

Is this a good example for all of us? After all, for our share of decadence, we already have countless Hollywood types, out-of-control athletes, politicians, and the Kardashians. It would be nice to look somewhere – anywhere – and see a modicum of civility.

The ruler should live a life of a higher standard than the rest of us, and we should aspire to live by his example. There may be skeletons in William and Kate’s closet, but if there are, they’ve been very well hidden.

I say, make amends, Charles, do the right thing and abdicate to William now, before you make any more bad choices. Prince William is 40 and an excellent age to assume the throne.

Jim Thompson, formerly of Marshall, is a graduate of Hillsboro High School and the University of Cincinnati. He resides in Duluth, Ga. and is a columnist for The Highland County Press. He can be reached at [email protected]