Lack of industrial units available to Highland businesses claims Inverness businessman Jason Massie who runs Rimtech in Harbor Road

Adam Kazmierczak, Jason Massie and Andrew Strachan. Photo: James Mackenzie

When an Inverness businessman learned he would have to leave his current premises by the end of the year, he thought it would be simple to find a new place.

Jason Massie, who runs Rimtech in Harbor Road, has been there for three years and has spent the past 13 growing the business.

However, in the past three months he has not been successful and says there is a distinct lack of industrial units and sites in the Highlands capital.

If he is unable to find a suitable alternative, it would mean the liquidation of the business with the loss of six jobs – he says they have never been so busy fixing wheels that have suffered tire holes. hen with jobs from all over Scotland and even England.

He said: ‘I can’t find another building – Harbor Road is so crowded at the moment. Big companies are taking over.

“Inverness has had a serious problem for some time. I spoke to the Highland Council and they said they had no plans to [industrial redevelopment] for the future.

“Inverness is a growing city. The number of houses coming in is ridiculous when there is nowhere for businesses to go.

The move is necessary as the owner of the building would like to use it as a Skoda dealer – Autoglass, which is also based there, will also have to move and Mr Massie said he understands he has also encountered similar problems.

Mr Massie said it was a shame businesses were facing a lack of available space in the city and added: ‘There’s just nothing for them and it’s a sad situation.’

Mr Massie criticized Highland Council as he said there were no plans for new industrial units in the Highland capital in the near future.

However, a council spokeswoman said the authority was currently promoting three vacant industrial units for rent in Evanton, Alness and Brora.

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