Plympton-Wyoming takes over management of Highland Glen

Plympton Wyoming council has approved a transfer that will see the Highland Glen Conservation Area become a municipal park.

Executive Director Carolyn Tripp said the city has applied to take over management of the St. Clair Area Conservation Authority.

“This was revealed due to issues with the boat launch,” said Tripp. “The boat launch is in poor condition. The cost of repairing this boat launch is quite high and exceeds what the conservation authority, as I understand it anyway, wants to get involved at this point. “

Tripp said the city will work to determine the best way forward.

“Whether it’s repaired, replaced or something different. The price to pay for doing so can be quite high. We’re working on it right now, so I can’t say exactly how much at the moment, but it can be quite significant, so we’ll see what the board decides to do. In all likelihood there will probably be some sort of public process to determine what we do with the boat launch, what kind of repairs we do, and that sort of thing.

Tripp said they can do the prep work even though the land transfer will have to wait for final approval from the province, like McEwan Park.

“With McEwan, this land has not yet been transferred to our property, although we have been in charge of it for a few years.”

Tripp said building a boat launch isn’t really part of a conservation authority’s mandate.

“When viewed as local parks, which McEwan and possibly Highland Glen would have become if we hadn’t taken charge of them, 90% of the cost falls on the local municipality anyway. If we’re going to spend the money on our own to get the job done, I think it’s our board’s preference to have more say in what is going on.

Tripp said the conservation authority will complete improvements to safety, guardrails, etc., which had already been budgeted for in 2022.