Sutherland capital investment for social housing improvements

At the Sutherland Area Committee meeting, members agreed a one-year investment program for the Housing Income Account which will see £533,000 spent on council home improvement projects from Sutherland in 2022/23.

The HRA Capital Plan 2022-23 has been developed in accordance with the principles agreed in the HRA Capital Plan 2022-27 approved by the Housing and Property Committee on December 15, 2021.

Sutherland Area Committee Chairman Cllr Richard Gale said: ‘The Sutherland HRA Capital Program for 2022/23 has taken into account the priorities of our area following discussions with tenants, construction teams local maintenance and other advisors. I am also pleased that the program is committed to increasing spending on heating and energy efficiency measures. The cost of energy is a concern for many families in our communities, so by focusing on improving the energy efficiency of the housing stock, we can hopefully reduce the pressure on energy bills. faced by tenants living in Sutherland Council homes.

The Scottish Government has committed to reviewing the energy efficiency standard for social housing. The Council is also committed to improving the energy efficiency of the housing stock in line with climate change legislation and working towards achieving net zero emissions where possible.

Progress against the current year’s HRA capital program for Sutherland will be reported to the next Regional Committee as an appendix to the Housing Performance Report, in addition to expenditures to date and estimated results which will be reported quarterly to the housing and property committee.

March 1, 2022