The government does not know how many vacancies there are

Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma today admitted his administration was unsure how many vacancies there were in various government departments.

Conrad was criticized for this by opposition MPs.

The subject was raised by Umroi MP George Lyngdoh during Question Time.

The CM, in his defence, said he wanted to be responsible and provide an accurate figure because if he didn’t he could be accused of misleading the house.

“Vacancies and positions change over time,” Conrad said. “If I had to give a number, it would have to be the last number, but the exercise to collect this huge amount of data is ongoing.”

Giving an idea of ​​the scale, Conrad said there were over 60 government departments, 63 directorates, 12 deputy commissioner’s offices, six sub-divisional offices, 46 blocks and five Meghalaya houses scattered across the country. .

This was not cleared with Rangsakona MLA Zenith Sangma, who accused the government of intentionally avoiding having to provide the information to the public.

The issue of vacancies is often brought to the fore, with several departments understaffed or filling gaps with contract employees.

Zenith alleged that the government left the matter open without appointing the youths to these jobs, depriving them of livelihoods and that is why the CM intentionally avoids providing the information.

Chokpot MP Lazarus Sangma asked why these vacancies had not been filled.

The CM said that different recruiting committees have different processes and currently recruiting over 3,000 people is underway.

“We had a lot of challenges, some due to Covid, where we couldn’t have exams or interviews. There were a lot of restrictions, which made our problem worse, but the process is underway to fulfill them,” Conrad said.

Meanwhile, Mawsynram MLA Himalaya Shangpliang was concerned why an announcement was called to fill 77 peon vacancies in the Secretariat.

“Why was there an announcement to fill vacancies when the government already has 123 casual peons in place since 2013? He asked.