The Highland Council will recruit 55 more teachers after securing additional funding from the Scottish government

Next year, the Highland Council will recruit 55 more teachers after receiving additional funding from the Scottish government.

The money will allow the local authority to employ 30 more primary teachers and 25 secondary teachers in 2021/22.

Last year, the Scottish government provided an additional £ 2,200,000 in funding to the council to support Highland’s resumption of education. Funding was spent on additional resources for teachers in schools.

Councilor John Finlayson, Chair of the Education Committee, welcomed the additional funding and said, “I am delighted that we have received this much needed funding and that we are welcoming an additional flow of funding from the government. Scottish so that we can provide additional support to our 200+ schools next time around. year.

Councilor Finlayson welcomed the extra money for teachers

“This funding will not only help recruit additional teachers, but it will also help protect the jobs of other staff members who continue to demonstrate dedication and hard work in our many educational contexts.” It has been and will continue to be a difficult time for school staff, students and parents, and any additional funding will help build our resilience and alleviate some of the pressures schools are currently under. “

Recruitment will begin early next year.

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