Valleyview Drive/Highland Road to get a traffic light

A current four-way stop light is part of a $5.8 million highway improvement project that is continuing in the Valleyview area

A new traffic light will be installed at the intersection of Valleyview Drive and Highland Road as part of a $5.8 million road improvement project that is continuing in the Valleyview area.

A four-way stop currently exists at the intersection of Valleyview Drive and Highland Road.

Construction began just over a month ago to upgrade infrastructure along Flamingo Road and Highland Road between Highway 1 and Valleyview Drive. Work will continue in the fall with a second phase towards the Valleyview Arena.

The city’s capital projects manager, Darren Crundwell, said the project was being split into two phases to keep work above Valleyview Drive out of the high-risk fire season. Last year, a fire started by lightning in the hills between Valleyview and Juniper Ridge resulted in long lines of vehicles leaving the neighborhood at the top of the hill as vehicles drove down Highland Road.

Most of the project work involves improving utilities, which take place underground.

Crundwell said the city has had issues with water pipes in the area needing replacement, with breaks occurring in recent years.

The public will notice new signage on Valleyview Drive and Highland Road, as well as new sidewalks between Highway 1 and Valleyview Drive.

“Traffic volume and safety analysis and everything, a signalized intersection is warranted,” Crundwell said, noting that the town was considered a roundabout, but required property that was not available.

Crundwell said the decision is made by the city’s transportation engineer and is science-based, based on crash data, traffic volumes and other factors.

Crundwell said the project was funded by multiple city budgets, including funds for utilities and roads.

Archaeological work in the area is also ongoing. Crundwell said Aboriginal artifacts were found, although he did not specify what was discovered.

Other major city road projects this year include utility work on Lorne Street (to be completed in late fall), reconstruction of 12th Street from Tranquille Road to McArthur Island, and roadwork on Lac Le Jeune Road and Highway 5A.

The Summit Drive multi-use path is nearing completion, and the city anticipates that work will begin soon on the Sixth Avenue segregated bike lane.

“Lots of work in progress,” Crundwell said.

Traffic impacts:

Highland Road between Highway 1 and Valleyview Drive is not closed to traffic during construction, but residents are asked to obey traffic control personnel and equipment when driving through the area. For more information, visit online at let’s