Video of Queen Elizabeth’s death in Highland chip shop prompts police response

Police officers stood guard outside a fish and chips shop after an angry crowd gathered outside to protest a viral video which appeared to show the owner celebrating the Queen’s death.

A video has emerged showing the owner of Jaki Fish and Chip Shop in Muir of Ord spraying a bottle of bubbly and holding up a whiteboard with “Lizard Liz is Dead” written on it.

The Ross-shire case was not immediately available for comment.

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Footage shared online shows police officers standing guard outside the store on Thursday night after an angry crowd gathered.

In the video, shared on Twitter to the disgust of royal supporters, a woman believed to be owner Jaki Pickett was shown shouting: “London Bridge has fallen! Whoo Hoo!”

She was shown shaking a bottle of bubbly while someone off camera shouted, “Lizard Liz is dead!”

The video sparked outrage and reportedly led to his furious neighbors gathering outside his store.

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The Ross-shire Journal reports that she was escorted out of the building by police officers.

Police Scotland confirmed to be present but said no further action was required.

The National Federation of Fish Fryers (NFFF) revoked the store’s membership of the UK group and said the post was “in extremely poor taste”.

Andrew Crook, the organization’s chairman, said: “We believe in free speech, but this message has gone beyond that.

“This is totally at odds with the beliefs and values ​​held dear by the NFFF and the fish and chip industry.”

A force spokesman said: ‘Shortly after 8.30pm on Thursday 8 September, officers attended a business in the Seaforth Road area of ​​Muir of Ord following a report of a large crowd gathering In the region.

“Officers remained at the scene to ensure the safety of everyone present and the group then dispersed peacefully.

“No further police action was required.”